• Internal TK-Coatings

    The proven Tube-Kote™ line consistently sets the industry standard for preventing corrosion & wear, improving hydraulic efficiency and controlling deposit mitigation.

    Our extensive line of Tube-Kote coatings are designed to address the operating needs of every type of oilfield environment.



    Drilling Coatings

    TK-Coatings extend the lifecycle of your drill pipe while improving drill string performance in even the most aggressive downhole environments, enduring all temperatures commonly encountered during drilling - provided circulation is maintained. 

    Corrosion Control – Prevent corrosion pitting and associated fatigue that can result in washouts and twist-offs shutting down drilling operations.

    Hydraulic Improvements – Coated drill pipe reduces friction and increases hydraulic efficiencies. 

    Prevention of Scale Deposits – TK-coatings are beneficial in drilling applications by eliminating the buildup of harmful scale.  

    Frequent coating evaluations to improve the longevity of the drill string are recommended.

    Tube-Kote Production Coatings

    Production tubing is constantly exposed to harsh downhole conditions, making tubular protection essential. Using the appropriate TK- Coating will increase production, decrease downtime and extend the lifespan of tubulars.

    We have an expansive line of TK-coatings to address your individual well conditions.

    Line Pipe coatings

    Tuboscope's TK internal line pipe coatings are used across a wide range of environments (H2S , CO2…) providing maximum corrosion protection with improved hydraulic efficiency and flow assurance, across a broad range of temperatures.

    For accurate coating selection please contact your Tuboscope representative for a coating evaluation.


      Benefits Include: 

      • Corrosion Control  
      • Wear Prevention 
      • Hydraulic Improvements  
      • Prevention of Scale Deposits  


      TK-2        Phenolic (Liquid)

      TK-7        Modified Phenolic (Liquid)

      TK-15      Modified Novolac (Powder)

      TK-15XT  Modified Novolac (Powder)

      TK-34      Epoxy Phenolic (Liquid) - The original drill pipe coating - field proven industry standard

      TK-34P    Epoxy Novolac (Powder) - Improved H2S and organic acid resistance

      TK-34XT  Epoxy Phenolic (Liquid)- Enhanced abrasion resistance

      TK-44LP  Epoxy (Powder)  

      TK-70      Epoxy (Powder)

      TK-70XT  Epoxy (Powder)

      TK-99      Nylon Epoxy (Powder)

      TK-216    Epoxy (Powder)

      TK-236    Epoxy Novolac (Powder)

      TK-505    Epoxy (Powder)

      TK-805    Phenolic Novolac (Powder)

      TK-900    Modified Novolac (Powder)