• Custom Coating

    In addition to oilfield tubulars and sucker rods, Tuboscope coats a variety of oilfield accessories at many of our worldwide coating plants. Our coatings protect your assets from erosion, corrosion, wear, chemical exposure and environmental elements.




    Custom Coating Services include:

    • Tube-Kote™ (TK™) Coatings
    • Nickel (Odessa, TX only)
    • Fluoropolymers (PTFE) (Texas and Louisiana)


    • Pup joints
    • Mandrels
    • Packers
    • Valves
    • Thru-Kote™ sleeves
    • T’s and Elbows
    • Manifolds
    • Flanges
    • Spools
    • Couplings


    • Other custom coating variations

     For more information please contact a Tuboscope representative at TuboscopeSales@nov.com